Thank you OUA SID’s!


As our OUA Training Camp Tour has come to an end and I’m able to reflect on the fruits of our labour, it goes without saying, that this venture was not possible without the cooperation of the schools, coaches, players and more specifically the SIDs (Sports Information Officers).

That being said, I dedicate this blog entry to the ones who work effortlessly behind the scenes. The movers and the shakers. The ones who pull the strings and make things happen.

On this trip I was able to put a face to all the people I have been emailing and calling since the beginning of July. Dealing with multiple emails and voice mails, the SID’s from each school helped to arrange our training camp tour, responded to my request for photos for the articles, as well as set up interviews with players and coaches.

Not only did they help arrange our visit but, this group of people assist in making what you see on our site possible. I contact them with a request, and they make it happen.

I spent most of my days leading up the to training camp tour in front of the computer screen and attached to my phone, simply being in constant communication with each of the school’s sports information directors, as we made arrangements for SportsEh’s visit to their school.

Once on their campus, our team was greeted with smiles and enthusiasm, private tours and words of encouragement for what we had set out to cover in this large project.

The feedback from the coaches, players and SIDs alike, definitely came as a pat on the back for us. Their words translated to, “you’re giving the people what they want to know, no one has done this before,” and this is certainly one goal we are aiming to achieve here at SportsEh.

The attention we have been bringing to each school through our articles and video features, have been made possible, largely in part to these SIDs making the calls and setting up interview times, going through databases to find the proper information, searching for photos and of course emailing, emailing, emailing.

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to each school’s athletic department, the coaches and the players, but more specifically to the following individuals:

-Michael Beasley and Charlie Nielsen- Carleton University

-Jen Elliott- University of Ottawa

-Shawn MacDonald- Queen’s University

-Alyson Fisher- York University

-Jill Clark- University of Toronto

-Bill Malley- McMaster University

-Michelle Pino- University of Guelph

-Jamie Howieson- Wilfrid Laurier University

-Dan Ackerman and Marshall Bingeman- University of Waterloo

-Elisa Mitton- University of Windsor

-Tony von Richter- University of Western Ontario

My mother always taught me, “give credit where credit is due.” So here’s to the unsung heroes and heroines behind the desks and the by the scoreboards, the worker bees who produce the honey… thank you for assisting us in making our OUA Training Camp Tour a success.

We look forward to our next visit and continuing our relationship with each of the Sports Information Directors.

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Tiffany Russell


We will support you to the very end!

Many people may think of the sports media world as a whirlwind of tweets, events, and to be frank, articles that people only read if it pertains to their favorite players. For the most part- it is. But what about the people that will eventually turn into your favorite players in 4, 5, 6, or even 10 years? The athletes that could be your sons, your sisters, your cousins, you spouses, etc., they need the exposure now, in the early stages of their athletic careers. Why? Simply put- because it will help them.

This is why I love this company. Those who have their lives revolving around a sport and work every waking minute to accomplish their dreams of becoming a great athlete, get the exposure that no one else has been able to give them. We’ve dedicated ourselves to giving these people a platform where their talents are displayed off of the court, field, and arena. The thing is- everyone who works at this company for the most part understand what it’s like to be an athlete trying to make their way up. 

SportsEh will have covered the next LeBron James before anyone else has because we will have seen his or her progress from day 1. The even greater part is that because we are joined with, and can actually provide a leg up for those athletes as well in terms of recruiting.

Are you unhappy what our articles have suggested? Well at some point in life, people are going to get critical, and we would never say anything that was not true. Step your game up and we’ll write about how much you’ve improved! Love what our articles say about you? Keep it up!

The beauty of this company comes from an explicit determination to help. From an athletes history, to their present, and to their future, we’ll be there giving them the media exposure that will give them that extra push. When a recruiter hears about a kid, what’s the first thing they’ll do? A Google Search.  And that’s where you’ll find our coverage of that athlete. There’s a step in a positive direction. The second thing they’ll do? Look up the kid through a recruiting database – there you go again, if the kid has a TopProspects account, they’re another step closer.

That’s why SportsEh is such an incredible and realized idea. We provide a platform for athletes to do their best and have their talent displayed for everyone using the Internet to see, from the beginning of their career, all the way through.

We’ll support you until the very end.

Dina Hassan

Expression and Passion

ImageDina Lines up at Guard on the University of Toronto Powderpuff Team

Expression and passion. Or rather the expression of passion. Those are the traits that even from 6,000 miles away (where I am working from for the summer) shine through all the work and effort being put into this company.

The importance of loving what you do is the biggest advantage to any endeavor one can take, and this is evident when it comes to the SportsEh staff. When one looks at who is working at this company, you can tell that a great deal of passion is going into the work. For example, Patrick, Shomari, Zechary, Tiffany, Darcy, Niels, Katrina, and myself all play/ played on football teams at a competitive level. James played soccer as a Varsity Blue, George played rugby, and I myself also play basketball. We are all invested in this one field of life both physically and mentally, and we are now putting it into a company that exhibits everything we believe in.

Is it a wonder we all get along so well? The women in this company are all teammates on the field and now off. We as women see the value in a company such as this because not only do we already know how to work together, but we also understand the goal and as women understand that exposure in the athletic world is important. And that goes for the men here at SportsEh as well. Everyone understands each other and the goals that SportsEh strives to achieve.

You’ll often find coaches telling you that what you do on the field will translate into your life outside the world of sport. Passion, drive, attitude, attention to detail, patience, and all the other traits one learns on the ice, field , track or court, are the same traits that one needs to be successful in any endeavor they embark on.

Expressing your passions and making a life out of them is one of the most fulfilling things a person can do in their lifetime. There are a few lucky people who get to turn it into their means of living, to turn it into work. But you will never find anyone excelling at anything if they cannot garner any sort of satisfaction from it. Why are the most successful athletes so successful?  It’s not because they have financial backing, have a good support system, and have dedicated the time. Many people have those resources. They are so successful because they WANT it MORE. They are so passionate about their sport to the extent that it has taken over their life, they are dedicated to it because they love what they do, and they don’t just do it because they are told to.

Do what you love.

Dina Hassan, Writing Operations Manager

Three strikes…

Gaurav “G-Baby” working in the office with the Executive Staff

I first heard about SportsEh through a mutual friend of Patrick and mine, and I was immediately intrigued by the concept of their business.  This interest, lead me to attend the launch party in order to better understand the structure and vision of the organization.  Mid way through the event, I was introduced to more of the executives and the passion they shared for their company. I knew right away that SportsEh was headed for greatness and I could either watch it rise or help it succeed. I decided I wanted to help, and approached Patrick Yan the second he had a moment to talk; a task which was harder than I thought.  Patrick interviewed me on the spot and decided to offer me an internship position but not without a stern warning; that he employs a three strike policy. That was good enough for me and I ended up starting 3 days later.

Three weeks have passed and I continue to have the intrigue which got be interested in SportsEh in the first place.  My position combines my lifelong hobby of sports and my career aspiration in financial management. Furthermore, my opinion is always heard and feedback is swift and honest.  This is something that is needed in order to improve my work and more importantly myself.

As a SportEh intern I’ve been given tasks which I would not normally receive even in permanent positions, in larger organizations.  For example, I am currently spearheading the organization of a Girls’ basketball tournament. This is a very new concept to me but I’ve been slowing learning the ropes due to proper reinforcement and company contacts. I believe this task is giving me the experience that is developing my skill set faster than other students at a similar career level. Moreover, the freedom that I’ve been given is just another perk that makes this internship so rewarding.

The passion of the executives which attracted me to this company is now also evident within me as well. If someone were to ask me about my experience with SportsEh, they would be subject to the same enthusiasm that I encountered when inquiring about the business.  All in all, passion is a derivative of success, and succeed is what I plan to do at SportsEh.

Gaurav Bhise
SportsEh Intern

Results, Results, Results….


 Pictured is Senth and John (Internship Team) 

In the world of business, everything is always moving forwards, in other words progress is the key to success.  Looking backwards is never an option and my time as a business development intern at SportsEh has taught me that invaluable life lesson.

Progress is a word that is thrown around a lot in today’s society, and sometimes it’s importance is taken for granted.  Within SportsEh, and prior to it’s launch results were the only thing that mattered.  G.K. Chesterton noted that “progress is the mother of problems”, and this is also true.  Regardless every task comes into it’s line of problems, but it is how you react that defines if you get the result and move forward.  For myself, the desire to do well and move forward in everything that I do has always been there, but when I came to SportsEh it was redefined.  Patrick Yan, CEO and fellow fraternity brother has taught me that regardless of friendships, at the end of the day results were the only thing that mattered.

In the beginning, I did not really understand this concept.  The pushing of tasks to be done, even if the due date was further down the road, was constant, and sometimes resulted in stress.  The real break – even point so to speak was the organization of the launch party for SportsEh.  I was appointed the business of making sure everything went perfect, and absolutely nothing was out of line.  This was placed on top of my plate along with the other tasks that were appointed to me.  Needless to say, the pressure that accompanied the organization of this launch party was excessive but this is where I learned the meaning of results. The constant workload, despite the time of day resulted in a launch party that was executed to the T.  Needless to say I was more than satisfied with the result and seeing how I could take something from nothing and make it happen on a scale like that was highly gratifying.

Now this only happened due to Patrick ‘s mentoring and his desire to push his mentality of success and progress onto me.  This is how it all clicked and I realized that this is trait that comes hard learned and will follow me throughout the rest of my life.  The need for results is something that is coupled by determination, drive, passion, and every other cliché success trait, but at the end of the day as cliché as it may seem, it is highly true.  I am extremely grateful that I learned how much results matter and in the spectrum of my life I will never forget it’s all about RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS!!!

Part Time Bouncer and Full Time CEO


Pictured is Zechary Miller, VP and Patrick Yan, CEO at the St. Andrew’s College Graduation Ceremony in 2008

It’s been almost a month – check that – exactly 27 days since we have launched. But, that’s only what you see on the surface. If you dug a little deeper you’d see so much more.

You’d find out that we actually started unofficially late January of 2013, with a simple text message to the Secretary to the Board and Office Manager, Tiffany Russell. I won’t post that exact message that I took a screenshot of recently, but it went along the lines of, ‘Hey, I have a great idea Tiff. You’re the first person I’ve approached and I think this can help change SPORTS in Canada in some form’. Tiffany came back with something along the lines of, ‘Pat, I love working with you and I think this is something I could be really interested in. I love helping youth’.

You’d also find out I decided to take a leave from my Masters program, which was held in Dublin, Ireland. This is arguably one of the hardest choices I have ever had to make in my life, but I do not regret it one bit – now. As a student-athlete who had always held academic as important as sports in my life I had to take a leap of faith… possibly for the first time in my life. The plan was mapped out from the beginning… four years in high school, four years in university and straight onto a master’s program. To come off course from my plan I held in my head for so long – became the best choice I had ever made. [Side note: I return to Dublin May 2014 to complete my degree – in 2-3 months]

You’d probably also find out that during the day I sit behind a big desk overlooking, maintaining and planning for expansion at SportsEh Headquarters (downtown Toronto). But, at night you’d find out I am a bouncer… you’d probably find me working the front door with one of the University of Toronto Football team members, or I’d be walking around inside – ‘floating’ – as we call it at the Brunswick House. Why would you do this if you’re a CEO, Patrick? Well, it makes more sense than paying myself a substantial amount from the company bank. I’d like to maintain a certain lifestyle and keep spending on the weekends to a minimum, while working a job that really pays decently for what I do.

If you kept on digging you’d find that every other person on this team has given up opportunities, hopes and money in order to make SportsEh a reality for all of Canada.

My right hand man and SportsEh Vice-President, Zechary Miller, is more than qualified with an Economics and Management degree from McGill University to pursue other opportunities that pay a competitive salary. My right hand lady and SportsEh Executive Secretary, Tiffany Russell, has the social skills and “it” factor to work in any industry she wants, but constantly puts SportsEh as the top priority on her list.

My Creative Director, Katrina Balon, can be charging us an arm and leg for what she does for us (think… all the graphic design you see daily and on all 3 of our company’s), instead she goes above and beyond for us – never complaining about the lack of compensation. Newly promoted Operations Manager of Top Prospects, Niels Thakkar, is a current Masters Candidate at York University and somehow still finds time to spare for us, maintaining a part-time role, instead of relaxing after a long day after academia. James Katursas, the man you see in all our videos interviewing players also serves as a Regional Editor and a Deputy to the Chief Editor… but if you looked at his post below, you’d understand it’s NOT about the money. Dina Hassan, our Deputy Chief Editor works daily with our Vice President from Egypt! Dedication, much?

So, I might be the CEO, but truly, it is the team that we have to thank for what you have been reading and watching. As a majority owner in this company (at the moment), it is justified that I stay in the office late, work hard and double up on jobs. However, for all the people I listed above – this is passion – this is for you Canada.

I might be the only CEO in Canada that is also a part-time bouncer… but I am also the only CEO in Canada that has the most dedicated team in Canada. Not only does everyone love their job, smile everyday and never complain but it’s been a collective effort to get SportsEh to where it is. They deserve the credit, where it is due.

Patrick Yan, CEO

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The Right Place at the Right Time

ames has placed himself in a great position, as the anchorman for SportsEh Media
Watch this:

Sports have always been such a big part of my life. I’ve played competitive soccer for as long as I can remember, and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play university soccer for the UofT Varsity Blues. Playing for the Blues was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life, because I got to see what a well-oiled machine looks like in terms of structure, passion and dedication. The right system was put in place by our coach Anthony Capotosto, and because of that we were very successful.

Now let’s fast forward to April 2013, when I stumbled upon SportsEh thanks to a recommendation from my girlfriend. All at once, the perfect opportunity had presented itself to me: the chance to pursue my unquenchable enthusiasm and passion for sports and to contribute to company that is perpetually trying to advance the cause of Canadian athletics.

It was so perfect – I would get the chance to immerse myself with what I had I been so grateful to experience when I was in university, and more importantly, to enable others to do so themselves. It’s no secret that Canadian athletes lack the exposure that they so desperately deserve, and having had the chance to see first-hand how hard Canadian athletes work to strive for excellence and pursue an education as well, I felt I was obliged to contribute to this great cause, and to do all I could to make a change- because that’s what this is all about, after all, making a change.

So now I am the Deputy Chief Editor here at SportsEh, and I am responsible for managing and editing the writers in the Toronto region. I am also a frequent contributor of my own articles, as I did a piece on Matt Sewell and have done several others on basketball, and I have also been covering the OVFL on weekends, doing reporting and interviewing the coaches and players, then writing recap articles on the games. This experience has been truly amazing, and I look forward to continue working on this coverage. The best part is how excited the athletes get to finally be getting interviewed, and really, to finally get the recognition they’ve deserved all along.

Because, as I said before, that’s what this is all about – I am getting to be a part of something, a movement if you will, that is much bigger than me. What we’re doing here at SportsEh is something that has been long overdue. I wish I had this back when I was a student-athlete, but since I didn’t, I’m doing my part behind the scenes to further the cause, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us!

James Katsuras
Deputy Chief Editor